A to lightning
  • Câble de charge USB-A vers Lightning
  • Câble de charge USB-A vers Lightning
  • Câble de charge USB-A vers Lightning
  • Câble de charge USB-A vers Lightning
  • A to lightning

Câble de charge USB-A vers Lightning

Origin, le câble de charge longue durée le plus respectueux de la planète. Chargez votre technologie Lightning en toute confiance.

Les câbles Origin proviennent de sources responsables et sont fabriqués à partir de matériaux recyclés, ce qui permet de réduire les émissions de carbone et les ressources naturelles de la planète, de soutenir le commerce équitable (Fairtrade Gold) et de reboiser la nature avec chaque câble. Leur conception durable vous permet de conserver votre câble le plus longtemps possible, de réduire les déchets électroniques et d'économiser de l'argent.

Meilleur pour la planète. Plus juste pour les personnes qui le fabriquent.

19,00 CHF
Référence Produit: 8785267222427

    • 1.2m length
    • USB PD (18W)
    • High Speed USB data (USB 2.0)
    • Reinforced nylon braiding
    • Industry compliant certified CE, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UKCA, Intertek and WEEE



        Fairtrade Gold

    We believe in fair pay and safe working conditions. The Syllucid Charge supports Fairtrade Gold, from Peru. Fairtrade Gold is sourced exclusively from small-scale mines that meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard — an internationally recognised best-practice indicator for workers’ rights and environmental protection.

        Reduced carbon footprint

    Our circular materials reduce CO₂ pollution by approximately 80% compared to new-material cables.

        Recycled metals and plastics

    Origin cables are made with 100% certified recycled plastics (PET, nylon, TPE), 100% certified recycled and carbon neutral tin solder wires and 30-50% certified recycled aluminium. Plus the materials can be recycled again and again.

        Responsibly sourced tin

    The Syllucid Charge is made using carbon neutral and conflict-free tin solder.


    5% of the profits of every purchase of the Syllucid Charge support the agroforestry project, Jubilacion Segura, in the Peruvian Amazon. This project is a start to stop the destruction in gold supply chains and make them holistically fairer and more sustainable.


    The longer your electronics last, the better they are for the planet. The Origin cable is designed to last with woven braiding, bend protectors, thicker conductor wires, a reinforced core, gold-plated connectors and over 10k bends. With a 5-year warranty, people can use it for a long time, save money and reduce e-waste.